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CityBus is the operating name for Greater Lafayette Public Transportation Corporation (GLPTC), a municipal corporation established in 1971. As a division of local government, CityBus is led by a Board of Directors, whose members are appointed by the mayors and city councils of Lafayette and West Lafayette.

How is CityBus Funded?
Expenses are covered with earnings from cash fares, pass and token sales, contracts, and advertising, in addition to federal, state, and local tax revenues. Federal funds pay for 80% of most capital expenses such as buses, facilities, and repair parts. State funds (from sales and use taxes) help cover operating expenses, as do local property tax revenues.

What is CityBus's Relationship with Purdue University?
CityBus is a contracted partner with Purdue University for public transportation services. The agreement is called an "unlimited access" agreement because it gives Purdue students, faculty, and staff unlimited, fare-free access to the CityBus system. The value of the agreement is negotiated each year. CityBus has a similar relationship with Ivy Tech, which gives students and staff fare-free rides on CityBus.

Annual Budget
The budget for 2012 is $10.5 million with the following major expense categories:

  • Operator Wages , $3,527,787
  • Diesel Fuel, $1,437,695
  • Life and Health Insurance, $1,503,950
  • Administrative Wages, $1,106,971
  • Maintenance Wages, $590,693
  • Public Employees Retirement Fund (PERF), $590,693
  • FICA, $399,747
  • Repair Parts, $250,000
  • Public Liability/Property Damage Insurance, $138,000
  • Contractual Services, $151,000

Fleet Facts
CityBus has 73 buses in the fleet. Included are buses with lengths of 35, 40, or 60 feet. Twenty buses, 27% of the fleet, are hybrid diesel-electric buses. CityBus operates a fleet of vans in it's ADA Paratransit Service called ACCESS, which serves persons with disabilities.

130 people work at CityBus including bus operators, mechanics, utility personnel, and administrative staff. Bus operators and mechanics are members of the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local No. 1741.

CityBus's administrative offices, dispatch center, and maintenance facilities are located at 1250 Canal Rd., in Lafayette, Indiana. CityBus operates a customer service office at Riehle Plaza in downtown Lafayette, which is a multi-modal transportation center served by CityBus, Amtrak, Greyhound, and city cab services. CityBus also owns two child-care facilities which are leased to and operated by Tippecanoe County Child Care

Mission and Vision

Our Mission: CityBus is a proactive community partner. The organization strives to improve the quality of life by (1) operating safe, reliable and environmentally friendly transit services and (2) partnering in local economic development activities. With employees who take pride in their work, CityBus provides excellent customer service and offers efficient, convenient access to destinations throughout Lafayette and West Lafayette.

Our Vision:

CityBus has an important role in making the Lafayette/West Lafayette area a better place to live, work, go to school and visit.

With safe, reliable and convenient transit services, the agency will offer a viable transportation choice for residents, employees and visitors.

CityBus will be recognized as a valuable resource for the community.

The agency will provide high-frequency transit services in areas with greater densities.

The agency will operate efficiently, giving taxpayers the best service possible for their investment.

The agency will be a leader in transit-oriented development efforts.

The agency will bring together developers, local governments, and planning agencies to address land use decisions that impact mobility.

The agency will be a leader in bringing environmentally sound transit technologies to the Lafayette/West Lafayette area.

Board of Directors

Next Meeting:
Wednesday, April 23, 5:15 pm

Meetings are held in the board room at CityBus, 1250 Canal Rd., Lafayette. The public is invited.

Dr. Jon Fricker
Chairman of the Board
Representing West Lafayette

Mr. Bill Ooms
Representing West Lafayette

Ms. Julie Ginn
Representing Lafayette

Mr. Joe Krause
Representing West Lafayette

Mr. Lee Kuipers
Representing Lafayette

Mr. Dan Moore
Representing Lafayette

Mr. Joel Wright
Representing Lafayette

Management Team

Mr. Martin Sennett
General Manager

Ms. Tonya Agnew
Manager of Development

Mr. John Connell
Manager of Operations

Mr. Chad Leamon
Assistant Manager of Maintenance

Ms. Amy Pitstick
Assistant Controller

Mr. George Turner
Manager of Maintenance

Mr. Chris Whitehead


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