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Rider Alerts

  • 5 Happy Hollow is Detouring Due to Water

    5 Happy Hollow is detouring due to water. It will not service stop BUS600E on Catherwood Dr. ... Read More

  • 02/03 – 4B Express Route Changes

    On February 3rd, 4B Purdue West Express will change and no longer travel through Blackbird Farms subdivision. Instead, it will use the cul-de-sac just north of Lindberg Road to turn around. The schedule will remain unchanged, but the timepoint will be moved from Village West on Lindberg – BUS308 t... Read More

  • 02/03/18 – Stop BUS976 Elston Rd & Powderhouse Ln will be moving!

    On February 3rd, bus stop at Elston Rd & Powderhouse Ln(SW Corner): BUS976 will be moving east to Breckinridge. The stop number will not change. Read More

  • 4A – Lafayette Marketplace Detour

    Effective immediately, route 4A Tippecanoe Mall will detour for the duration of the parking lot closure at the old Kmart / Lafayette Marketplace. Passengers should board the bus near the front doors of PetSmart. MyBus

  • ... Read More

  • Detours on 4B, 6A, and 23

    The project at Old National Bank site on 2nd and Columbia is delayed and will now start in early February 2016. Once the project starts, the right turn lane and west side sidewalk of 2nd Street from Main Street to Columbia Street will be closed for the duration of this project, which is expected ... Read More