CityBus Day Pass

The Day Pass is your ticket to unlimited rides each day, so it's easier and less costly to go where you want to go on CityBus. Use the Day Pass to transfer buses without the hassle of using transfer tickets. Riding as much as you like throughout the day, with peace of mind of knowing your fares are paid.

How to Purchase a Day Pass

The Day Pass is available from the bus driver and costs just $2. Tell the driver before you put any money into the farebox that you want to buy a Day Pass. The driver will let you know when you can insert your $2 (exact change is required and tokens are not accepted for the purchase of a Day Pass). After you pay, the farebox will print out a ticket which you will use throughout the day to ride CityBus.

You may also purchase day passes from the CityBus office at Riehle Plaza for $2.00 during regular operating hours.

How to Use a Day Pass

When you board, just insert the Day Pass into the ticket slot on the farebox. The driver will show you how if you are unsure. The farebox will scan the ticket to check its validity, and then return the ticket back to you for additional use (expired tickets are not returned, and you will be required to provide another fare).

Please Keep in Mind...

The Day Pass is not a 24-hour pass. It is valid only for the day purchased and will expire overnight. CityBus is not responsible for lost or damaged Day Passes. Do not fold the pass, and keep it free from dirt and exposure to magnetic fields.

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