Fare Information

Where to Buy Passes and Tokens
You may buy Monthly Passes, Monthly E&D Passes, and rolls of tokens at the following locations:

  • CityBus Office at Riehle Plaza (Downtown Transfer Center)
  • CityBus Office at 1250 Canal Rd., Lafayette
  • Chase Bank (most locations in Lafayette-West Lafayette)
  • Lafayette Bank & Trust (most locations in Lafayette-West Lafayette)

Day Passes are sold at CityBus offices, or on the bus by the driver. The driver also issues the Transfer Ticket upon request.

The Youth Bus Pass is available only at the CityBus office at 1250 Canal Rd. in Lafayette, and is sold only to youth in grades 7-12 who are currently enrolled in school.

CityBus accepts cash, personal checks with a local address, Visa, MasterCard or Discover payments at our offices. Payment of fares on the bus must be made with cash with exact change required (neither the driver nor the farebox will make change).

Riders who need more than one bus to complete a one-way trip can transfer for free. Ask the driver of the first bus for a Transfer Ticket when you pay your fare. Transfers must be issued at the time that fare is paid. The driver will issue a ticket that is valid for use on another bus within 60 minutes.

Reduced Fares for Elderly and Disabled (E&D) Riders
CityBus offers fare discounts, called E&D Fare, to riders who are age 65 or older and people with disabilities. To pay E&D Fare, you must show the driver proof that you are eligible to pay reduced fare every time you board the bus. The following are accepted as proof:

E&D Photo ID, Medicare Card, or state-issued photo ID showing age of 65 years.

1) A state-issued photo identification with your birth date indicating that you are at least age 65.

2) Your valid Medicare Card.

3) Your valid CityBus E&D Photo Identification Card. To obtain the identification card, complete this form, have it completed by your doctor or an authorized agency, and bring the form with the $2 fee to the CityBus office at 1250 Canal Rd. during office hours.

Funded Free Rides for Purdue University / Ivy Tech
Purdue University and Ivy Tech students, faculty and staff ride free on CityBus by showing your valid school Photo Identification to the driver. Fares have been paid by Purdue and Ivy Tech. If you work at Purdue or Ivy Tech or go to school there, you ride CityBus free. Rides are valid on all services except routes operated for residents of College Station and Campus Suites.

Kids Ride FREE!
Kids through grade 6 ride free on CityBus. Children age 5 and under cannot travel alone and must be accompanied by an adult or responsible older child. Youth in grades 7 to 12 ride free with the Youth Bus Pass (must be age 18 or younger).

ACCESS Certified Riders
Passengers who have been pre-certified as eligible for ACCESS can ride the regular route bus for free when you present the "Certificate of Eligibility for ADA Paratransit Services" to the driver.

Fares Per One-Way Trip

Type Cost
Regular Fare $1
(Pay exact fare. Drivers cannot make change.)
E&D Fare 50¢
(See eligibility requirements.)
Token 75¢
(Sold in rolls of ten tokens.)
(For use when more than one bus is required to complete a one-way trip.)

Day, Monthly, Annual
Passes for Unlimited Rides

Type Cost
Monthly Pass $28
(Valid for the calendar month.)
E&D Pass
(Valid for the calendar month. See eligibility requirements.)

(Valid until end of service on the date issued.)
Youth Bus Pass $2 administration fee
(Valid during the school year and following summer. See eligibility requirements.)

See information about ACCESS service, which requires pre-certification to use.

Type Cost
(Per one-way trip.)
(Valid for 10 rides on ACCESS.)
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