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System Rules

Riders are also required to follow all system rules. Passengers who disregard these rules may be removed from the bus by police or denied service.

  1. All riders are required to pay a fare (except on the free route)
  2. No food or drink allowed on the bus
  3. No possession of any unlawful weapons or illegal substances on the bus or on CityBus property
  4. Damage, defacement, or destruction of CityBus equipment, facilities, or properties;
  5. Front seats are reserved for elderly or disabled passengers
  6. Any attempt to steal CityBus property or that of another CityBus patron or employee, or to
    maliciously destroy the property of a CityBus patron or employee.
  7. Creation of any public disturbance including the use of obscene language, deviant, threatening, or
    abusive behavior, whether in general or directed at any specific person or persons;
  8. Offensive smells or sounds that constitute a nuisance;
  9. Wheelchairs must meet ADA guidelines and must be secured by the driver
  10. Children must be removed from strollers while riding on the bus
  11. Strollers must be folded up and placed between seats to keep the aisle clear
  12. Never cross in front of the drivers
  13. Follow the driver’s instructions
  14. No Loitering on the bus or at the CityBus Center:
    a. Loitering includes remaining on the bus for more than one complete trip or remaining at the
    CityBus Center for more than one hour without being ticketed for another trip;
    b. Loitering also includes any person being present on the site of the CityBus Center more than
    15 minutes before services for the day have commenced for the day or more than 15
    minutes after services have ceased for the day, other than an employee of CityBus or those
    who have the prior authorization of CityBus to be present on the site.
  15. Sleeping at the CityBus Center or on any other CityBus property
  16. Smoking, vaping, or use of tobacco products is strictly prohibited in and around the CityBus Center
    and on all buses;
  17. Possession of an animal, other than a service animal or as otherwise required by law, on the bus or at
    the CityBus Center;

The following items are not permitted on CityBus buses:

  1. Open containers of alcoholic beverages
  2. Cylinders of propane or other gases, excluding medically required oxygen
  3. Liquid fuel, such as gasoline, kerosene, lighting fluids
  4. Previously used gasoline containers
  5. Liquid Batteries (such as car batteries). Batteries used for ADA mobility devices and sealed batteries, such as lithium ion batteries, are permitted onboard.
  6. Bulky items that obstruct the aisle
  7. Liquid chlorine and bleach
  8. Spray paint, turpentine, and paint strippers
  9. Explosives
  10. Non-legal fireworks (as defined by local and state laws)