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CityBus Center

CityBus Center: New Downtown Transfer Center
In 2012, construction will begin on a new downtown transfer center for CityBus at Third and North streets in downtown Lafayette. The new center will offer the following improvements for riders:

  • Sawtooth stopping bays which will provide dedicated boarding locations for each route
  • Improved operations as buses will be able to arrive and depart independently
  • Improved waiting lobby and outside sheltered spaces
  • Ability to transfer buses without having to cross traffic
  • More consistent transit service during downtown festivals, which typically close Riehle Plaza

2012 Strategic Plan
In 2007, CityBus developed a five-year strategic plan, in partnership with riders and our community, which has guided us since. That plan has lead to the following accomplishments:

  • Surpassing the 5-million mark in annual riders
  • Implementing improved GPS technologies and customer information
  • Adding more hybrid buses
  • Building three wind turbines to power our facilities
  • Establishing outreach and travel-training programs
  • Planning and acquiring land for our new downtown transfer center

Now, it is time to look ahead as we update our plan for the future. The times ahead are going to be challenging for CityBus, because of increased demand for public transit from community development and rising gas prices. At the same time, our funding sources are more constrained than ever before. Given these constraints and challenges, what should be our priority?

Now is an appropriate time to ask our riders and community: "What do you want from CityBus?" We have already begun meeting with community leaders to discover their answers and prioritize needs. We need to hear from you as well. Please share your comments with CityBus.




Past Planning Projects

Customer Satisfaction Survey (2011)

Riehle Plaza Redevelopment
CityBus is planning improvements to the downtown transfer center at Riehle Plaza, which includes expansion of the transfer center to improve access for people with disabilties, new greenspace, and transit-oriented redevelopment of neighboring properties. Completed by Glatting Jackson Kercher Anglin, 2008.

Wabash Trolley Impact Study (2008)
This document identifies economic and other impacts of the Wabash Trolley Line and demonstrates the benefits of the excess property tax levy which funds the trolley and other transit services. Completed by Policy Analytics, LLC.

Strategic Plan (2007-2012)
This document identifies mission, vision, and strategy for CityBus to implement through 2012 . Completed by Nelson/Nygaard Associates.

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