Words on the Go

Words on the Go is a community arts project that collaborates with CityBus to place poetry on board the buses. Local poets may submit original work for consideration. New poems are published on the buses twice each year.

Currently On-Board

Volume Published May 2012:


Layaway by Joshua Brewer with graphics by Lyal Cole


Lazy days of Summer poem and graphics by Danie'l Young


Quien Soy Yo by Travis Kearney with graphics by John Ballenger


Who Am I by Travis Kearney with graphics by Joey Redinbo

Quick Facts about Words on the Go

Words on the Go is a volunteer group of people working in collaboration with staff at CityBus to mount poetry onboard our local buses. Our aim is to encourage the use of public transportation and to celebrate language. And in the process of soliciting and showcasing local poetry, we hope to build a rich sense of community.

Process Outline:

  • Words on the Go publishes poems in the advertising rails of our local buses (two per bus), twice per year.
  • The Words on the Go editorial board, with help from the community, chooses the poems they feel most appropriate for publishing onboard the buses.
  • Words on the Go prints the poems and CityBus posts the placards approximately one to two months after poems have been submitted and the board has voted.
  • Your Poem: Is viewed by CityBus riders who board the bus about 2.6 million times during the six months the poem is on the bus.



Submission Information

Submission guidelines
(what we look for):

Poems must be: approximately 20 lines or less, previously unpublished, written by local first-time or established poets of any age.

We look for poems that celebrate words, the region, an experience, and/or personal thoughts and feelings. The poems may take on a regional flavor or be an inspiring look at life and the language.

We look for poems that feel fresh and use words in exciting ways. Some poems are chosen because they so clearly reflect our local experience, others because they are a powerful and effective use of words.

During our judging process, we hope to have a broad range of input and, to some extent, the poems accepted should be a vibrant picture of our community.

How to submit a poem:

Poetry Submission Guidelines (Word Document)

Poetry Submission Guidelines (PDF Document)

Graphic Design Guidelines (Word Document)

Send your questions, submissions, and/or comments to:

Email: wordsonthego@gmail.com

Postal Mail:
Words on the Go
638 North Street
Lafayette, IN 47901-1153

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