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14 Black Loop Black Loop

Rider Alert!

The below service changes will go into effect on Monday, Jan. 7 1B Salisbury / 4B Purdue West: The peak timing on 1B / 4B will be eliminated starting Monday, Jan. 7. Both routes will depart from Walmart (BUS403) at 14 and 44 minutes after the hour until hourly service begins at 8:14 pm. An additional 6:15 pm Saturday trip will be added to the 1B Salisbury. 2A Schuyler / 2B Union: Additional weekday hourly evening service will go into effect. Service will end at 9:40 pm on 2A Schuyler and 10:10 pm on 2B Union. 6A Fourth St: New 6:15 pm weekday and Saturday trip will be added. Benjamin Crossing and Concord Rd will now be served on weekdays only. 9 Park East: The route alignment will change to now include more of South St and Sagamore Pkwy, with new service to Alorica, MedExpress, Aldi and Wabash National on Sagamore Pkwy. Service to Kossuth St, Park Ave, and 26th St will be eliminated. 14 Black Loop: Service to the Airport Long Term Parking Lot will be eliminated, with just one trip to NISW at 9:03 pm remaining. Service will now begin at 5:45 pm at Tower Acres and will end at 12:05 pm at Earhart Hall. Additionally, the route will end its construction detour.

Rider Alert!

Friday, Jan. 18
Campus Loops & 4BE Campus Express: all campus loop service will end at 6 pm on Friday, Jan. 18. Regular service will resume on Tuesday, Jan. 22.
21A The Avenue & 24 Copper Beech Klondike: service will end at 9:30 pm on Friday, Jan. 18. Regular service will resume on Tuesday, Jan. 22.
35 Lindberg Express: service will end at 8 pm on Friday, Jan. 18. Regular service will resume on Tuesday, Jan. 22.

Monday, Jan 21
CityBus WILL operate a Saturday service on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which falls on Monday, Jan. 21 this year. Campus Loops, 21A The Avenue, 24 Copper Beech Klondike, 35 Lindberg Express, and WLSC tripper routes will not operate. The CityBus Center will be open normal weekday business hours, but the administrative offices will remain closed for the day.

Additionally, a number of MyCityBus app upgrades will take place over the holiday weekend on Friday, Jan. 18 from 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm and Monday, Jan. 21 from 6 pm – 6:30 pm. There will be no real-time information available while the upgrades are in progress. Passengers should refer to published schedules at https://www.gocitybus.com/maps-and-schedules during this time. Learn more about the improvements to the mobile app at https://www.gocitybus.com/news.

Purdue Campus Loops, Late Night, Sundays, Saturdays

14 Black Loop operates every 30 minutes Sunday through Saturday, 5:45 p.m.-12:05 a.m. This loop provides a safe way to travel at night to and from campus. Destinations along this route include Tower Acres, Córdova Recreational Sports Center, Cary Quad, Armstrong Hall, Physics, Purdue Memorial Union, Stewart Center, Purdue Police Department, Discovery Learning Research Center, Discovery Parking Lot, Purdue Airport and Long Term Parking (hourly) and Purdue Village.



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14 Black Loop map

Stops To Purdue Campus

Stop CodeStop NameStop ScheduleMap & Next DeparturesText Message: 41411
BUS553Circle Pines on David Ross Rd (NW Corner): BUS553 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS553 14
BUS554WAlpha Chi on David Ross Rd: BUS554W ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS554W 14
BUS562STheta Chi on Tower Dr: BUS562S ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS562S 14
BUS472STower Dr & Hilltop Dr (SE Corner): BUS472S ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS472S 14
BUS509SWTower Dr & Jischke Dr (SW Corner): BUS509SW ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS509SW 14
BUS213SSteven Beering Dr & Tower Dr (SW of): BUS213S ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS213S 14
BUS190Armstrong Hall on Stadium Ave (@Shelter): BUS190 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS190 14
BUS557Physics: BUS557 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS557 14
BUS538Electrical Engineering (at Shelter): BUS538 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS538 14
BUS559Northwestern Ave & Wiggins St (NW of): BUS559 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS559 14
BUS412Northwestern Ave & State St (NW of): BUS412 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS412 14
BUS271Purdue Memorial Union (PMU) on State St: BUS271 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS271 14

Stops To Tower Acres

Stop CodeStop NameStop ScheduleMap & Next DeparturesText Message: 41411
BUS271Purdue Memorial Union (PMU) on State St: BUS271 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS271 14
BUS448Stewart Center: BUS448 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS448 14
BUS435Class of 1950: BUS435 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS435 14
BUS063Stone Hall on Oval Dr: BUS063 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS063 14
BUS547State St & Russell St (NE Corner): BUS547 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS547 14
BUS899Morgan & Jischke Dr (NW Corner): BUS899 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS899 14
BUS900Discovery Learning Center: BUS900 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS900 14
BUS543NEGates Rd & Nimitz Dr (NE Corner): BUS543NE ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS543NE 14
BUS319NArnold Dr & Nimitz Dr (NE Corner): BUS319N ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS319N 14
BUS272NHalsey Dr & Nimitz Dr (NE Corner): BUS272N ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS272N 14
BUS275Halsey Dr & Arnold Dr (NW Corner): BUS275ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS275 14
TEMP217NPurdue Village Bldg 142 (North Side): TEMP217NScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 TEMP217N 14
BUS415Purdue Airport Main Terminal: BUS415ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS415 14
BUS146Aviation Technology Bldg: BUS146ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS146 14
BUS313Purdue Airport Long Term Parking: BUS313ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS313 14
TEMP352SEJischke Dr & Harrison St. (SE Corner): TEMP352SEScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 TEMP352SE 14
TEMP899Morgan & Jischke Dr (SE Corner): TEMP899ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 TEMP899 14
BUS584SE1st St & Jischke Dr (East Corner): BUS584SEScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS584SE 14
BUS568Earhart Hall on First St: BUS568ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS568 14
BUS282NEMacArthur Dr & 1st St (NE Shelter): BUS282NE ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS282NE 14
BUS366Jischke Dr & 3rd St (SW Corner): BUS366 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS366 14
BUS362Wiley Dining/RSC on Jischke Dr: BUS362 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS362 14
BUS201Jischke Dr & Stadium Ave (SE Corner): BUS201 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS201 14
BUS509SEJischke Dr & Tower Dr (SE Corner): BUS509SE ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS509SE 14
BUS472NTower Dr & Hilltop Dr (NE Corner): BUS472N ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS472N 14
BUS562NTheta Chi on Tower Dr: BUS562N ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS562N 14
BUS554EAlpha Chi on David Ross Rd: BUS554E ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS554E 14
BUS553 Circle Pines on David Ross Rd (NW Corner): BUS553 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS553 14