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24 Copper Beech Klondike Copper Beech Klondike

Rider Alert!

Monday, March 5 - State St. and McCutcheon Dr. (BUS346) and State St. & Gates Rd. (BUS388) will close for the duration of the Aspire residential complex construction.

Rider Alert!

Starting on Monday, July 9 routes 4B Purdue West and 24 Copper Beech Klondike will detour due to the Revive Klondike construction project at Lindberg Rd and Klondike Rd. This phase of the project and subsequent closure will be in effect until November of 2018. To learn more about the project, visit www.reviveklondike.com

The detours are as follows:
4B Purdue West
• Outbound: From Lindberg, right on 231, left on Cumberland, continue on route

24 Copper Beach Klondike
• Outbound: From Cumberland, right on Klondike, right on Sagamore, right on 231, continue on route

The following bus stops will not be served:
• Robin Hood Ln & Lindberg Rd (NE Corner): BUS905
• Wake Robin Dr & Lindberg Rd (NE Corner): BUS498
• Longspur Dr & Lindberg Rd (NE Corner): BUS904
• Klondike Rd & Lindberg Rd (NE Corner): BUS195

Passengers who normally board at these stops may board at on Cumberland at Copper Beech Klondike (on Cumberland Ave): BUS268E

Service Reduction

Campus Loops Friday, May 4
  • All Campus Loop service will end at 6 pm.
  • 14 Black Loop will not operate.
4B Campus Express & 8 Klondike Express Friday, May 4: Service ends. 5 Happy Hollow & 10 Northwestern Monday, May 7: Reduced summer schedule will go into effect. 21A The Avenue  & 24 Copper Beech Klondike Friday, May 4: Service ends at 9:30 pm. Friday, June 1 through Friday, August 3: Reduced summer service will be in effect 23 The Connector Monday, May 7: Reduced summer schedule will go into effect. Saturday, May 12- Saturday, August 18:  Tour the Town, a FREE guided tour of Lafayette and West Lafayette, will operate each Saturday at 9:30 am & 10:30 am.  Board at 5th and Main. 35 Lindberg Express Friday, May 4: Service ends at 8 pm.

City Routes

24 Copper Beech Klondike serves residents at Copper Beech Klondike. Residents of the community ride free by displaying their key fob or bus pass. All other riders must pay regular fare ($1, token, or bus pass). Purdue identification is not accepted as valid fare on this route.



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24 Copper Beech Klondike map