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3 Lafayette Square Lafayette Square

Rider Alert!

The annual Taste of Tippecanoe festival will take place on Saturday, June 16 from 4:00 pm until midnight in downtown Lafayette. Detours for the festival will be in place for the duration of the service day.

1B Salisbury
Outbound: From CBC, right on 3rd, left on Ferry, continue on route

3 Lafayette Square

Outbound: From CBC, right on 3rd, left on Ferry, right on 6th, left on South, continue on route
Inbound: From Columbia, right on 6th, left on Ferry, right on 4th, left on Brown, left on 3rd, right into CBC

4A Tippecanoe Mall

Outbound: From CBC, right on 3rd, left on Ferry, right on 6th, left on South, continue on route
Inbound: From Columbia, right on 6th, left on Ferry, right on 4th, left on Brown, left on 3rd, circle into CBC

4B Purdue West
Outbound: From CBC, right on 3rd, left on Ferry, right on 6th, right on Columbia, continue on route
Inbound: From South St, left on 6th, left on Ferry, right on 4th, left on Brown, left on 3rd, right into CBC

6A Fourth Street
Outbound: From CBC, right on 3rd, left on Ferry, right on 6th, right on Columbia, left on 3rd, continue on route
Inbound: From 3rd, right on Alabama, left on 4th, right on South, left on 6th, left on Ferry, right on 4th, left on Brown, left on 3rd, right into CBC
6B S. Ninth Street
Outbound: From CBC, right on 3rd, left on Ferry, right on 6th, left on South, continue on route
Inbound: From Columbia, right on 6th, left on Ferry, right on 4th, left on Brown, left on 3rd, right into CBC

7 South Street
Inbound: From Ferry, right on 4th, left on North, left on 3rd, right into CBC

City Routes, Area School Service, Sundays, Saturdays

The 3 Lafayette Square runs Monday-Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Popular destinations include Ivy Tech Community College, Jefferson High School, Tecumseh Jr. High School, Edgelea Elementary, Pay Less, Pheasant Run Apartments, Tippecanoe County Public Library (downtown and Ivy Tech locations) and Tippecanoe Mall.



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3 Lafayette Square map

Stops to CityBus Center

Stop CodeStop NameStop ScheduleMap & Next DeparturesText Message: 41411
BUS373Tippecanoe Mall Entrance E: BUS373 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS373 3
BUS676Sears at Tippecanoe Mall: BUS676 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS676 3
BUS437W Pay Less off SR38/25(East of Shelter): BUS437W ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS437W 3
BUS719SR 38/25 & Torchwood Dr (SW Corner): BUS719 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS719 3
BUS941NW Creasy Ln & Bonlou Dr (Menards Entrance): BUS941NW ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS941NW 3
BUS142NIvy Tech on Creasy Ln: BUS142N ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS142N 3
BUS404NECreasy Ln & US 52 (NE Corner): BUS404NE ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS404NE 3
BUS711NBrady Ln & Imperial Pkwy (NE Corner): BUS711N ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS711N 3
BUS713Brady Ln East of Reagan Dr (North): BUS713 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS713 3
BUS961Village Pantry on Brady Ln (North): BUS961 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS961 3
BUS301NPheasant Run Apts on Brady Ln (at Shelter):BUS301N ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS301N 3
BUS720Brady Ln & Portsmouth Dr W (NE Corner): BUS720 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS720 3
BUS449NBrady Ln & Commanche Trl (NE Corner): BUS449N ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS449N 3
BUS735ECommanche Trl & Shasta Dr (SE Corner): BUS735E ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS735E 3
BUS736Commanche Trl & Yuma Ave (SE Corner): BUS736 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS736 3
BUS731E Commanche Trl & Beck Ln (SE Corner): BUS731E ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS731E 3
BUS737Summerfield Dr & Maumee Pl (SE Corner): BUS737 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS737 3
BUS942Ottawa Dr & Summerfield Dr (SE Corner): BUS942 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS942 3
BUS428NIroquois Trl & Summerfield Dr (NW of): BUS428N ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS428N 3
BUS315NShoshone Dr & Osage Dr (West of): BUS315N ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS315N 3
BUS469NGeorgetown Apts on Shoshone Dr ; BUS469N ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS469N 3
BUS739Shoshone Dr & 18th St (NE Corner): BUS739 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS739 3
BUS42018th St & Teal Rd (SE Corner): BUS420 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS420 3
BUS46722nd St & Teal Rd (North of): BUS467 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS467 3
BUS378NWState St & Earl Ave (West of): BUS378NW ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS378NW 3
BUS726NState St & 20th St (NE Corner): BUS726N ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS726N 3
BUS256NState St & 18th St (NE Corner): BUS256N ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS256N 3
BUS725E18th St & Adams St (SE Corner): BUS725E ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS725E 3
BUS66218th St & Congress St (NE Corner): BUS662 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS662 3
BUS74018th St & Everett St (SE Corner): BUS740 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS740 3
BUS391NEAlabama St & Main St (NE Corner): BUS391NE ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS391NE 3
BUS158Main St & South St (SE Corner): BUS158 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS158 3
BUS305Columbia St & 14th St (NE Corner): BUS305 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS305 3
BUS309Columbia St & 12th St (NE Corner): BUS309 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS309 3
BUS242Columbia St & 9th St (NE Corner): BUS242 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS242 3
BUS243NColumbia St & 7th St (NE Corner): BUS243N ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS243N 3
BUS674Columbia St & 6th St (NE Corner): BUS674 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS674 3
BUS675 Columbia St & 5th St (NE Corner): BUS675 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS675 3
BUS215CityBus Center: BUS215 ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS215 3

Stops To Tippecanoe Mall Entrance E

Stop CodeStop NameStop ScheduleMap & Next DeparturesText Message: 41411
BUS215CityBus Center: BUS215ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS215 3
BUS265South St & 4th St (SW Corner): BUS265ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS265 3
BUS329South St & 5th St (SW Corner): BUS329ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS329 3
BUS351Tippecanoe Co Public Library on South St: BUS351ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS351 3
BUS659South St & 10th St (West of): BUS659ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS659 3
BUS661South St & McGrath Ave (West of): BUS661ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS661 3
BUS206South St & 14th St (SW Corner): BUS206ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS206 3
BUS939South St & 16th St (SW Corner): BUS939ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS939 3
BUS391NWAlabama St & Main St (NW Corner): BUS391NWScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS391NW 3
BUS72318th St & Center St (North of): BUS723ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS723 3
BUS94018th St & Larue St (South of): BUS940ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS940 3
BUS72418th St & Congress St (North of): BUS724ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS724 3
BUS725W18th St & Adams St (NW Corner): BUS725WScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS725W 3
BUS256SState St & 18th (SE Corner): BUS256SScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS256S 3
BUS726SState St & 20th St (SW Corner): BUS726SScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS726S 3
BUS727State St & 22nd St (SW Corner): BUS727ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS727 3
BUS378NWState St & Earl Ave (West of): BUS378NWScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS378NW 3
BUS41426th St & Gregory Ave (NW Corner): BUS414ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS414 3
BUS311Rural King on 26th St (at Shelter): BUS311ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS311 3
BUS331Marsh Entrance on Teal Rd (NE Corner): BUS331ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS331 3
BUS96318th St & Meadow Dr (South of): BUS963ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS963 3
BUS469SGeorgetown Apts on Shoshone Dr: BUS469SScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS469S 3
BUS409Osage Dr & Shoshone Dr (SW Corner): BUS409ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS409 3
BUS729Iroquois Trl & Osage Dr (NW Corner): BUS729ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS729 3
BUS428SIroquois Trl& Summerfield Dr (SW Corner): BUS428SScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS428S 3
BUS730Summerfield Dr & Hiawatha Ln (NW Corner): BUS730ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS730 3
BUS416Beck Ln & Summerfield Dr (NW Corner): BUS416ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS416 3
BUS344Beck Ln and Cayuga Trail (NE Corner): BUS344ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS344 3
BUS155Edgelea Elementary School on 18th St: BUS155ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS155 3
BUS80718th St & Manitou Dr (NW Corner): BUS807ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS807 3
BUS86518th St & Eastway St (NW Corner): BUS865ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS865 3
BUS354Brady Ln & 18th St (East of): BUS354ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS354 3
BUS707SBrady Ln & Pipers Glen Dr (SW Corner): BUS707SScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS707S 3
BUS449SBrady Ln & Commanche Trl (SE Corner): BUS449SScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS449S 3
BUS181RRX on Brady Ln (SW Corner): BUS181ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS181 3
BUS708Brady Ln & Winter St (SW Corner): BUS708ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS708 3
BUS301SPheasant Run Apts on Brady Ln (South): BUS301SScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS301S 3
BUS710SVillage Pantry on Brady Ln (South): BUS710SScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS710S 3
BUS712Brady Ln & Reagan Dr (SW Corner): BUS712ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS712 3
BUS711SBrady Ln & Imperial Pkwy (SW Corner): BUS711SScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS711S 3
BUS966Griffin Hall on Creasy Ln: BUS966ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS966 3
BUS142SIvy Tech on Creasy Ln (at Shelter): BUS142SScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS142S 3
BUS941SECreasy Ln & Bonlou (SE Corner): BUS941SEScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS941SE 3
BUS499SR 38/25 & Creasy Ln (North Side, West of): BUS499ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS499 3
BUS717Guaranteed Transmission on SR 38/25: BUS717ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS717 3
BUS376Cambridge Estates on SR 38/25: BUS376ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS376 3
BUS672Wendy's at Tippecanoe Mall (South Side): BUS672ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS672 3
BUS673Dicks at Tippecanoe Mall: BUS673ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS673 3
BUS373Tippecanoe Mall Entrance E: BUS373ScheduleMaps & DeparturesRT4 BUS373 3